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Visual Systems  Gone Wrong...

Unfortunately many simulator owner/operators underestimate the complexity of a 200+FOV Visual System.
SimVIS will always "Get it RIGHT the FIRST Time" and will save you tens of $THOUSANDS$ of dollars in wrong visual choices,
including hardware, projector and screen selection. GUARANTEED. 

A few examples of some incorrectly calibrated and blended visuals.*

Without the right tools and experience, its very difficult to produce a true 180+ FOV multi-channel system or Single Channel system.

Shown below are the effects of incorrect alignment and blending, resulting in distorted horizons and obvious overlap regions. 
There is no in-between when it comes to visuals, its either right or wrong.


Even If you have already purchased/built your visual system, its never too late to get SimVIS to the rescue.

Contact Us for more information.

*Some of the images found on the internet. If you own or recognise any image please contact us to remove.

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