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Latest TruVIEW News.


TruVIEW is now compatible with SimAvionics and FS2020!

We have developed our 220FOV 4K-UHD Visual System and flight model to seamlessy integrate exisiting SimAvionics users with FS2020.

No additional hardware/software/modifications necessary to SimAvionics...only with TruVIEW.

Rotary 4K with Floor Projection...

Multi-Channel 200x90FOV 4K-UHD Upgrade for the FAA S76 Simulator!

After the initial installation of our 200x40 HD TruVIEW System back in 2018, the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center reached out for a proposal to upgrade the vertical FOV using a traditional Dome Screen.

Being confined in restricted space, between several other simulators, "off-the-shelf" fibreglass domes simply would not fit.
We proposed a novel idea to modify our existing cylinder and combine it with floor projection.

The upgrade incorporated 2 x XPlane IG's, 5 x 4K Laser (3840x2160) Projectors, latest TruVIEW software, and on-site installation.

The result was a 200x90 degree view, far exceeding the viewing angle required by the FAA and that of a conventional dome, perfect for eVTOL and Rotary simulators.
We not only provided the required "Chin Bubble" view, we provided FULL downward real as it gets!

FAA S-76 FTD XPlane
S-76 FTD
S-76 TruVIEW

New 4K-UHD for 2023...

4K-UHD Upgrades for existing HD

TruVIEW Visual Systems!

Begining in 2023, the dream of 4K-UHD resolution will become a reality.

Available in new TruVIEW Systems or as an Upgrade Service at a new reduced price.
With the advancement of technology, we can convert your existing HD system to 4K-UHD with

no modifications to the Screen or Ganty structure as required previously.

The upgrade will incorporate 3 NEW "True 4K" (3840x2160) Projectors, latest TruVIEW software, upgrade/replacement of the Visual IG (computer)

and on-site installation.

Experience the Virtual World in Ultra High Definiton and 4 x the resolution of!

A320 Simulator

June, 2022.
Worlds first FDS A320 FTD running MFS2020 succesfully completed.
Featuring multi-channel 220FOV Visual System with 4K-UHD Laser projec
tors and
and our famous TruVIEW Warp and Blend.

See the visual system in action here:

January, 2021.
The third "remote" SimVIS TruVIEW Display System for L3Harris has just installed @ Kansas State University, featuring L3's #CRJ700
plus our HD 220FOV Visual System running #Prepar3D a single IG!
Since the beginning of the pandemic, SimVIS has successfully supplied and calibrated three visual systems for L3Harris adapting to COVID restrictions.
#covid19impacts #university #engineering #innovation

See the visual system in action here:

January, 2020.
Second SimVIS TruVIEW Display System meets CASA/FAA FTD Level 5 Approval for Qantas Dash-8 Q300!

See the visual system in action HERE.

July, 2019.
SimVIS TruVIEW Display System for QantasLink Q400 FTD meets CASA/FAA FTD Level 5 Approval!

See the visual system in action HERE.

Qantas Q400 FTD


March, 2019.
SimVIS QTR 1 Newsletter.

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