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Single IG vs Mulit-Channel IG's

Multi-Channel Visual:

Involves 3 Visual “IGs” (Image Generators) and one WideView Server.

In a 4 computer visual set up, the Server runs the flight model and does not display any outside visuals.

The idea is to spread the Display Load and maximize frame rates. The result is very good frame rate in most scenarios, a frame rate cycle of 60Hz is achievable.

It is now possible to reduce the number of computers from 4 down to 3. In this case, the Centre IG is also the ‘server’. Testing has shown very good results.


Single IG Visual:

Recent advances in CPU processors and Prepar3D and XPlane software has enabled us to create seamless 220 degree views from a single computer, just as in multi-channel systems.

This can be very demanding on a single CPU, however we have pioneered techniques to maximise the fluidity of the image. Depending on the complexity of the airport and display settings, heavy loads result in micro stutters and frames rates drop which are particularly evident whilst taxiing and landing. With a heavy duty computer and tuning, we can supply a computer capable of frame rates of 30Hz. (higher than the human eye can detect)

Typical simulator network
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