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Design + Integration Solutions

Let SimVIS do the hard work!
Design + Software + Calibration. 
Save thousands of dollars on incorrect hardware, software and installation costs.

Design + Software + Calibration Service:

1. Design and Specifications.

Determine Optimal Screen and FOV

in relation to simulator and room dimensions.

Calculate screen size based on the      projector resolution and throw ratio.

Computer aided projector selection/placement.

Computer specification & selection.

2. Supply and install TruVIEW Warp.

USB Pro Dongle-unlimited operation.

Geometrically Correct View points.

3. Calibration Service

Get that famous TruVIEW Warp and Blend stress free, in hours not weeks.

Prepar3D/XPlane computer setup, 

Configure Camera FOV and Angles.

Graphic/Scenery/Weather Settings.

TruVIEW 200-220FOV Warping.

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